Tristan Waleckx reacts to Philippe de Villiers’ complaint against France 2 pinning CNews

Tristan Waleckx defended himself, as well as France 2, on X formerly Twitter following the “Complementary investigation” dedicated to Puy du Fou Screenshot France Télévisions

After an issue of “Complément d’Enquête” devoted to Puy du Fou which provoked strong attacks including one in court, the journalist spoke on X.

“The little guillotined doctors of public service”, “the little earthworm on his red kinglet armchair”…Since the broadcast of the first “Further investigation” of the season on France 2 last Thursday, Tristan Waleckx is dressed for winter. Faced with its detractors, heard mostly on CNewsthe presenter of the investigative magazine did not hesitate to retort on X, formerly Twitter.

“After the breaking news on CNews, the flurry of chronicles on Europe 1, the “little guillotined doctors of the public service” are entitled to 2 pages of the JDD… where we learn that the Puy du Fou will file a complaint against “Complément d’Enquête” for “negationist denial” (of the Vendée genocide)”, announced this Sunday the journalist awarded the Albert-Londres prize in 2017.

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A message in immediate response to the complaint against France 2 by Philippe de Villiers, creator of the Vendée amut park at the center of the journalistic investigation. On the website of JDDthe “Complément d’Enquête” is accused of being a “real indictment, piling up untruths”. Gilles-William Goldnadel, faithful speaker on CNews and lawyer for Philippe de Villiers, cited a few examples.

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Tristan Waleckx addresses his detractors

“It has been said that my client would have received the sum of 15 million euros in return for the scenarios he wrote for Puy du Fou “, indicated the magistrate before uring that de Villiers would not have “never and in any way touched the slightest penny of remuneration as copyright or for any other reason, in return for these scenarios “.

Tweet after tweet, Tristan Waleckx defended with fervor and a touch of sarcasm, the magazine he represents and the public channel. “As much as the defamation proceedings, we know (and we win them!). But then, a complaint for contesting a crime against humanity and denial (concerning a Vendée genocide which the consensus of historians admits did not exist), we have crossed a hell of a plateau… ”wrote the journalist before recognizing “a certain inventiveness in the insult on the part of the soldiers of CNews on a crusade for three days and in the absence of substantive arguments”.

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By way of conclusion, the face of “Complément d’Enquête” warmly thanked the figures of CNews, Europe 1 or even the JDD For “this unprecedented promotion which allows the magazine to enter the Top 5 of the most viewed programs on the replay of France Télévisions”. In linear, the program had been watched by 827,000 viewers on France 2.

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