Tristan Waleckx responds to attacks from Cyril Hanouna

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Tristan Waleckx responds to attacks from Cyril Hanouna
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VIDEO – The journalist and presenter of “Complément d’investigation” speaks for the first time on the suspicions of image manipulation in the issue devoted to Gérard Depardieu.

“Additional investigation” never ceases to provoke reactions. The issue dedicated to Cyril Hanouna, host of “Touche pas à mon poste”, attracted the wrath of the C8 troublemaker who has since continued to attack the France 2 investigative magazine. “It’s part of the game. When we investigate, we provoke reactions”estimated Tristan Waleckx this weekend to our colleagues from Parisian .

The one who paints the portrait of Gérard Depardieu also caused an outcry. The sequence where the interpreter of Cyrano izing a little girl on horseback sparked a strong reaction and pushed each of the media actors to take a stand. By the example of Carole Bouquet who qualified “Further investigation” “disgusting broadcast”. The matter is even going up to the Élysée.

In the case of Gérard Depardieu, we went so far as to have our rushes authenticated by a bailiff

Tristan Waleckx in Le Parisien

Critics of “Complément d’investigation” accuse the show of having manipulated the rushes from a film shot by Yann Moix in North Korea, but never broadcast. For the first time, Tristan Waleckx speaks out on this controversy: “Everything we released during our investigations is strictly accurate. We check and work for months, until the last minute. In the case of Gérard Depardieu, we went so far as to have our rushes authenticated by a bailiff”.

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“Usually, out of respect for the secrecy of the sources, we never show them. We did it exceptionally this time given the changing times and the desire for transparency. Furthermore, I emphasize that we have never been convicted by the courts nor reprimanded by Arcom. adds the journalist.

C8’s counterattack

The counterattack led by Cyril Hanouna and Vincent Bolloré’s group does not stop there. Last September, the C8 talk recruited Jacques Cardoze, former editor-in-chief of “Complément d’investigation”. The journalist announced that he would in turn investigate France Télévisions. A program called “Complementary Investigation”. “It’s about demonstrating that we cannot ensure that the extreme left has a monopoly on investigation.”described Jacques Cardoze in “TPMP”.

“I don’t really have any comments to make on that.”answers Tristan Waleckx today. “We focus on what we do. We have lots of investigative projects for “The Information War”A “Further investigation” on the FNSEA (agricultural union) on February 29, new revelations on current legal cases between now and June”he specifies before concluding: “This fascinates me much more than all the noise around”.

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