Tristan Waleckx reveals the contours of the portrait of Cyril Hanouna in “Complément d’Enquête”

Cyril Hanouna and Tristan Waleckx C8 and France 2 screenshots (editing)

The presenter of the investigative magazine, back Thursday evening at 11 p.m. on France 2, gave some indications on the future issue devoted to the host producer of C8.

Thursday evening from 11 p.m. on France 2, the magazine “Further investigation” is back with a new issue devoted to the “True secrets of Puy du Fou”. On this occasion, the presenter Tristan Waleckx gave an interview to Telepro in Belgium in which he spoke about how the editorial staff of his program worked, the choice of subjects and guests. “Just because they close three, four or five doors doesn’t mean we won’t try to go through a sixth or through the window and, in general, we manage to get what we’re looking for”he underlined about the pugnacity of his teams.

Among the investigations in progress, the one devoted to Cyril Hanouna arouses curiosity. “At France Télévisions, we investigate everything and everyone with complete peace of mind”ures the journalist in a general way, before speaking, a little later, of this number on the animator producer of C8. “It’s well advanced and in the works, but we don’t have a release date. It will be before the end of the year, that’s for sure. Our journalist, Virginie Vilar, is working calmly on the subject. We applied to Cyril Hanouna what we apply to all the people we portray. We are not only looking for compromising files. We tell the saga, an extraordinary journey from a media, economic and political point of view. But also that of someone who made a few enemies during his career. We return to these two facets. »

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On January 24 in “Do not touch my post! “, Cyril Hanouna revealed the information according to which “Complement of investigation” prepared a number on him. “We are counting on him to welcome our cameras behind the scenes of “TPMP””, then confirmed Tristan Waleckx on Twitter. Three months later, the host of C8 said he had discussed with the journalist in charge of his portrait and that several people around him, personal and professional, had been approached. But on May 22, the tone had hardened : “This ‘Further Investigation’, they will do. It will be the end of ‘Further Investigation’ behind because I’m going to put my nose in it and you know when I put my nose somewhere, usually, I often blow it all up”.

“I am not aware of any compromising information held by Jacques Cardoze”

Tristan Waleckx

Last Thursday on Franceinfo, Cyril Hanouna said he hoped that “Complementary investigation” would produce a portrait consistent with what is happening in his life. “I met the journalist, I got along very well with her and she even realizes that there are a lot of fantasies around me. But it’s going very well with them, he confided. They called everyone, even childhood friends I haven’t seen in 20 years. I hope we will celebrate their hearings the next day all together. » Tristan Waleckx confirmed that the ” pressure “ around this investigation does not come from the interested party but more from the media. “Until the end, we will try to convince him to come and talk to us in the red armchairs. »

As to to the recruitment of Jacques Cardoze, presenter of “Complément d’Enquête” between 2018 and 2021, in the team of columnists for “Touche pas à mon poste! »Tristan Waleckx is not worried about it. “I am not aware of any compromising information that Jacques Cardoze is in possession of and that he could say on the airhe commented. We ume our methods and we are absolutely serene. » During the recording of the pilot of “Touche pas à mon poste! » last Thursday in Boulogne-Billancourt, which we attended, Jacques Cardoze testified at length about his time at France Télévisions from 1994 to 2021, gave his personal feelings and made numerous revelations. Words that he will certainly have the opportunity to make openly during an upcoming issue of “TPMP” live on C8.

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