Trump appealed to the court: Lift my ban

Lawyers of former US President Donald Trump applied to lift the ban on speaking about the lawsuit filed against their client regarding the 2020 elections.


Trump appealed to the court: Lift my ban

Former US President Trump’s lawyers objected to the ban decision that prevented him from talking about former witnesses in their application to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals in the capital Washington.

In Trump’s petition demanding the ban be lifted, the following statement was included: “No court in American history has imposed a speech ban on a criminal defendant who is actively campaigning for public office, let alone a US Presidential candidate.”


In the 27-page petition submitted by the lawyers, it was claimed that there was an attempt to “silence” the former President and that this ban “violated the constitutional rights of Trump and more than 100 million Americans who listen to him.”

Regarding the ban, Judge Tanya Chutkan, who presided over the case, argued that Trump’s status as a political candidate did not allow him to conduct a “smear campaign” on witnesses or prosecutors.

Although Chutkan previously acknowledged that the ban in question took away Trump’s right to freedom of expression, he argued that this right should not “obstruct the orderly administration of justice.” (AA)

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