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On Wednesday, the contenders for the title of Miss France 2023 were evaluated in writing on six themes. Frédéric Gilbert, artistic producer of the election broadcast on TF1, participated in its development and reveals the outlines to us.

It is an unchanging tradition at the preparation trip miss France for fifteen years : the general culture test. The contenders for the 2023 title passed it on Wednesday at the end of the day, in the time zone of Guadeloupe, the promotion’s vacation spot, a month before the election on TF1. The review was finalized ten days ago by Frederic Gilbert, artistic director of the TV show on December 17. Also producer of “Big Quiz” presented by Hélène Mannarinohe mobilized the teams of this game to write the forty questions in the form of multiple choice questions.

Six major themes are covered: current events, the French language, art-literature, history-geography, mathematics-logic and foreign languages, including a dissertation in English. “On a scale of 1 to 10, the level is 6”believes Frédéric Gilbert. “It has to be accessible”, he says. Questions about the universe of the Misses and about Guadeloupe are also on the program.

“As soon as a candidate for Miss France is elected, you have to be able to respond to journalists”

Frederic Gilbert

“The subjects are those on which a Miss France is brought to speak in society”, complete Cindy Fabréthe new contest director. “During her reign, she will come into contact with various personalities from the media to elected officials in the provinces. You have to have conversation and repartee”adds the successor of Sylvie Tellier. “As soon as a Miss is elected, she also goes to all TV sets to answer journalists”completes Frédéric Guibert. “Diane Leyre had been asked a lot about feminism”he recalls.

Diane Leyre and Sylvie Tellier among the candidates for Miss France 2023

Each isolated at a table as for a baccalaureate test – at the Club Med theater in Sainte-Anne where they are staying – the candidates for Miss France 2023 had until 1h30 to return their copy under the watchful eye of Cindy Fabre and of the two chaperones of the adventure. The first will take care of correcting the proof. It’s unprecedented, the reigning Miss France, Diane Leyreas well as Sylvie Tellier decided to take the general culture test again. “I find it normal, to show them that I am at the same level as them. I’m not perfect either, I won’t get 20 out of 20.”predicts the one who does not wish to reveal her score obtained last year.

What about a bad mark for a Miss? This test is not eliminatory but a 2/20 can seriously compromise a place among the fifteen finalists. Unlike previous promotions, the 2023 regional misses did not show any stress before the start of the event. “If we go out crying, we will know why”however, philosophized Miss Pays de la Loire the night before. “General culture is so vast…”. “We could spend a lifetime revising it”added Miss Rhône-Alpes.

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