Turks pay the most for phones

This time, Türkiye took the title of the country where the phone is the most expensive. Turkey, which pays more than 100 percent tax, is followed by Brazil with 2,876 dollars and India with 2,404 dollars in high prices.

Release: 05:30 – 17 September 2023 Updated:

Turks pay the most for phones

■ Hülya Keskin ORUÇOĞLU

Economic When the cost of the crisis fell on the citizens, Turkey began to pay prices above world standards for many products due to high taxes. The depreciation of TL and taxes brought Turkey to the top as the country of those who pay the most for phones. With taxes, the sales price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max (1 TB) increased to $ 3,457 (92,999 TL) in Turkey. With this figure, Turkey surped 21 countries and became the country where the model was sold at the most expensive price.

The tax-free price of the iPhone 15 Pro Max (1 TB), which is included in the iPhone 15 series introduced by the US technology giant Apple, in Turkey is 43,013 TL. However, in order to buy this model, Turks must pay 430 TL for the 1 percent share of the Ministry of Culture, 5,213 TL for the 12 percent TRT share, 24,328 TL for the 50 percent Special Consumption Tax (SCT) share, 20 percent Value Added Tax (VAT). He must pay 15,499 TL for his VAT share. When the tax of 45,471 TL in total, as well as the profit of 4,514 TL of the iPhone, are reflected in the sales price, the price of the mobile phone, which is 1,599 dollars in the USA, reaches 3,457 dollars (approximately 26.90 lira to the dollar) in Turkey.


In the list of countries where the iPhone 15 Pro Max was sold at the most expensive price, Brazil came second with $2,876 and India came third with $2,404. According to data from iphone-worldwide.com, Denmark was fourth with $2,260 and Norway was fifth with $2,230. iPhone 15 Pro Max is sold for $2,225 in Mexico and $2,150 in Sweden. The price of the model, which is sold for $ 2,122 in Italy and France, is $ 2,080 in Germany.

Must work 8 months for minimum wage

■ iPhone Purchasing the 15 Pro Max (1 TB) does not seem possible for millions of people in Turkey due to its high prices. A person with a minimum wage of 11,402 TL must pay 8.1 months of salary to buy the model in question. A citizen who receives a pension of 7,500 TL must allocate 12.4 months of his salary for the phone. The tax-free sales price of the model is 43,013 TL. If we were not paying data for the iPhone 15 Pro Max produced by the technology giant Apple, 3.7 months of salary for a minimum wage earner and 5.7 months of salary for a retiree would be sufficient.

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