TV audiences: 6 million viewers watching Emmanuel Macron’s interview

6.09 million viewers. This is, according to Médiamétrie, the audience achieved this Monday evening, May 15, by the interview of Emmanuel Macron by Gilles Bouleau between 8.13 p.m. and 8.40 p.m., in the wake of the 8 p.m. newscast of TF 1. Just before, the short newscast on the front page gathered 5.47 million people (27.2%), while on France 2, the newspaper d ‘Anne-Sophie Lapix, brought together 4.26 million people, or 20.4% of the public.

La Une had a very good Monday since its “Randonneuses” set off from the summit. In prime time, the front page launched its new unpublished French series worn by Clémentine Célarié, Alix Poisson, Claire Borotra, Camille Chamoux, Tiphaine Daviot, Joséphine de Meaux, Claire Borotra and Lucien Jean-Baptiste. The first two episodes averaged 4.21 million viewers. The market share amounts to 21.3% of the total public. The channel is strong on women responsible for purchases under fifty (FRDA-50), with an audience share of 23.4%, which is essential for its advertising revenue.

M 6 is in second position with the continuation of season 7 of “Married at First Sight”. The show federated 2.39 million aficionados (12.5% ​​of PDA). It is slightly ahead of the FRDA-50 (23.8%). Scores up significantly from the previous Monday.

A rather old audience for “Bardot”

The disappointment of the evening is signed France 2. The third and fourth parts of “Bardot”, his series on the life of the actress, brought together 2.17 million people, or 10.8% of the audience share. A older audience, since the public channel only reaches 4.7% on the FRDA-50. Fiction is in very sharp decline, since last week, the launch had gathered 2.91 million curious people (15% of PDA), which had allowed the Two to be at the top of the hearings.

France 3 follows, at the foot of the podium, with the rebroadcast of the film “The Emperor of Paris”. This big production signed Jean-François Richet, with Vincent Cel, Patrick Chesnais, August Diehl, Olga Kurylenko and Denis Lavant attracted 1.78 million moviegoers, or 9.1% of the public. C 8 continues to spend good evenings with the old series of France 3 “Commissioner Magellan”. Despite the very strong competition, today’s episode captivated 1.05 million thriller fans (5.4%) on PDA.

On the cinema side, W 9 beat “The Thomas Crown Affair” on Arte and “Black Panther” on TMC with “Sister Act, act II”. The umpteenth rerun of the comedy worn by Whoopi Goldberg melted 960,000 people (4.8% of PDA).

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