TV audiences: Alexandra Lamy wears TF 1, flop for France 2

TV audiences: Alexandra Lamy wears TF 1, flop for France 2

The comedy of TF 1 large audience leader. Sunday evening, the front page offered viewers the film ” Beautiful girl “, with Alexandra Lamy and Miou-Miou. This new feature film made 4.5 million curious people laugh, or 23.5% of the public. The market share of the commercial target of Women Purchasing Managers Under Fifty (FRDA-50) was 22.1%.

In great shape, M 6 is second with a new issue of “Capital”, its economic magazine presented by Julien Courbet. The evening dedicated to 100% French food attracted 2.2 million French people, for an audience share of 12.1% and a market share on the FRDA-50 of 21.6%.

France 3 is just behind with the “Murdoch Investigations”, its Canadian detective series carried by Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy. The launch of season 15 convinced, on average, 1.9 million viewers, or 9.6% of the public. In 2021, the start of season 14 had attracted 2.1 million fans (9.7%) on the public channel.

Arte in ambush with Steve McQueen

At the foot of the podium, France 2 is struggling with “The Second Star”, his comedy with Firmine Richard. It only boarded 1.2 million fans, for only 6.3% of the public. A drop compared to its previous broadcast in 2020, when the film made 2.9 million viewers laugh (12.7%).

Arte is in ambush with its cinema. “The Yangtze gunboat”, with Steve McQueen on board, transported 1.1 million moviegoers, or a PDA of 6.5%. Finally, note the good score on France 5 of “ cow love », a documentary on the life of a family of breeders which fascinated 806,000 curious people, or 3.9% of the public.

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