TV audiences: “Antoinette in the Cévennes” on France 2 sharply beats “Fast & Furious” on TF 1

Even slowed down by Patrick, his donkey, “Antoinette in the Cevennes” allowed France 2 to arrive very largely at the head of the hearings this Sunday evening. 5.28 million moviegoers watched the first free-to-air broadcast of the comedy directed by Caroline Vignal with Laure Calamy, Benjamin Lavernhe and Olivia Côte, according to Médiamétrie.

The film, which won the César for best actress for the actress revealed by the series “Ten percent”, brought together 27.4% of the public present this Sunday evening, May 21, in front of their television set. Of female purchasing managers under fifty (FRDA-50), the PDA is 16.4%. Note the nice score, in the wake, of “Beau geste”, the magazine of Pierre Lescure on the 7th art which attracted 820,000 Cannes Film Festival fans (7.4% of the public).

TF 1 follows with “Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw”. New in clear, the American blockbuster with Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Idris Elba, Vanessa Kirby and Helen Mirren thrilled 2.97 million viewers. The market share amounts to 17.4% of the entire population. La Une is by far the leader on the FRDA-50 (28.2%), which is a very good operation for its advertising revenue.

C8 exceeds one million thanks to Belmondo

France 3 completes the podium thanks to an unpublished episode of “The Morse Investigations”. The new episode of the British series worn by Shaun Evans attracted 1.79 million people, or 9.2% market share. A older audiencesince the public channel only reaches 2.3% on the FRDA-50.

M 6 is in fourth position with a new issue of the magazine “Forbidden Zone” presented by Ophélie Meunier. The survey on transgender people attracted only 1.5 million curious people, or 8.3% of the public (16.8% of the FRDA-50). 880,000 of them stayed to watch the issue of “Exclusive Survey” on the infernal ballet of home deliveries (12.4%).

As for the other channels, C8 is the only one to exceed the million viewers mark with the rebroadcast of “Marginal” by Jacques Deray with John Paul Belmondo, which won 5.6% of the public. Cyril Hanouna’s channel achieves twice the audience of France 5, TMC and Chérie 25, all three above 500,000 viewers.

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