TV audiences: France 2 fiction leader, TF 1 second with the sequel to “Good Doctor”

“The Impe” smiles at France 2. Wednesday evening, the public channel rose to the top of the audiences with its TV film carried by Gwendoline Hamon and Thierry Neuvic. This unique unit brought together 3.2 million curious people, or 16.8% of the entire public. A little earlier today, the special edition dedicated to the visit to France of King Charles III had intrigued 1.6 million fans of crowned heads, for an audience share (PDA) of 21.4%.

TF 1 is second of the evening with the continuation of season 6 of “Good Doctor”, his American medical series led by Freddie Highmore. The first two new episodes of the evening fascinated 2.4 million fans, which corresponds to 12.4% of the public. The market share of the commercial target of women responsible for purchasing aged under fifty (FRDA-50) rises to 21.6%. Last Wednesday in the same box, they were 2.5 million (14.2% PDA) there, for 23.3% of FRDA-50.

A little over a million for “Fontainebleau, the true home of kings”

After the solidarity concert with Morocco last week, M 6 again relied on “The Best Pastry Chef”, his entertainment presented by Marie Portolano. The first part of the culinary competition thrilled only 1.9 million gourmands (9.5%). However, on the FRDA-50 target, the market share rises to 21.2%. On Wednesday, September 6, the launch of the show had 2.1 million curious people salivating (11.0%) for its P1.

France 3 is at the foot of the podium with “Fontainebleau, the true home of kings”a documentary odyssey that took on board only 1.1 million lovers of old buildings, for 5.8% of the entire public.

As for other channels, C 8 is always full with its rebroadcasts of “Mongeville”. The series played by Francis Perrin attracted 955,000 viewers (5.2%), ahead of the film “Omar killed me” on Arte. This feature film directed by Roschdy Zem and starring Sami Bouajila kept 731,000 moviegoers in suspense, or 3.6% of the public.

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