TV audiences: good start for “Prométhée”, anniversary in small groups for “Cash investigation”

TV audiences: good start for “Prométhée”, anniversary in small groups for “Cash investigation”

The new fantastic series from TF 1 intrigued a large audience this Thursday, March 16. The first episode of “Prometheus”worn by Camille Lou, Odile Vuillemin and the revelation Fantine Harduincaptivated 3.9 million viewers (18.7% audience share), most of whom stayed in front of the screen until the end of the second episode of this fiction featuring an amnesic teenager in the grip of violent visions.

On average, according to the Médiamétrie site, there are therefore 3.54 million fans (19% PDA), who followed the plot all evening. Much more than “Safe”, last week: the series created by Harlan Coben, with Michael C. Hall and Audrey Fleurot, arrived on the front page after being available on Netflix, had won 2.27 million fans on the premium section time (12.4% PDA).

Just before, the intervention of Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne during the TF 1 newscast was watched by 6.52 million citizens, concerned about the pension reform and recourse to section 49.3 Earlier in the day.

“Beijing express” down slightly

France 3 climbed to the second step of the podium thanks to a rebroadcast of “Meurtres en Haute-Savoie”, well served by convincing actors (Jacques Weber, Thibault de Montalembert, Gwendoline Hamont): 2.86 million fans followed polar, i.e. 14.3% of PDA. It’s still less than “Le Canal des secrets”, also rebroadcast last week. The episode embodied by Anne Caillon, Thierry Neuvic and Gil Alma was positioned at the top of the hearings with 3.35 million aficionados and 17.3% market share.

For its 10 years, “Cash investigation”, on France 2, must be satisfied with the bronze medal. The special issue of Élise Lucet’s magazine, which continued some of its most significant investigations, interested 1.86 million people, or 9.8% audience share. The score remains significantly higher than that of “Special Envoy”, followed by 1.41 million viewers last week.

Behind, 1.80 million frequent travelers followed “Beijing express”, on M 6 (the audience share – 10.2% – is slightly higher than that of “Cash investigation”, the program lasting longer). 100,000 adventurers dropped out compared to last week. On France 5, 1.18 million curious people (5.8% PDA) were interested in the Bay of Naples.

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