TV audiences: “Les Enfoirés” still overpowering

TV audiences: “Les Enfoirés” still overpowering

“Sometimes mother****ers always. This is the name of the2023 edition of TF1’s major charity show for the benefit of Restos du Coeur, recorded in the Tony-Garnier hall in Lyon (Rhône). This year, the troupe of artists loyal to theassociation created by Coluche welcomed newcomers: the singer and actress Sofia Essaidithe finalist of season 10 of “The Voice” Lyingthe Formula 1 driver Esteban Ocon and the rugby player Antoine Dupont.

This Friday evening, “Les Enfoirés” did not lie its most watched entertainment title of the year: 7.16 million viewers watched the show on average until 0:07, according to Médiamétrie. The market shares amount to 42.9% for the general public and 57.6% for women in charge of purchasing under fifty (FRDA-50). These very high scores are up slightly from last year, when the show had hit its lowest level since 1995with 7.29 million fans but only 37.9% PDA.

In detail, the first part (until 10:40 p.m.) attracted 8.07 million music lovers, or 40.2% market share of the entire public. This rises to 56.4% for the FRDA-50, 64.1% of individuals aged 15-24 and 52% of 25-49 year olds. The second part attracted 6.19 million people (47.2%).

Complicated evening for the competition

Faced with this strong programming, the competition suffered a lot. France 2 resists with its series “Le crime suits him so well”, carried by Claudia Tagbo. The unpublished plot of this Friday evening attracted 2.86 million aficionados, or 14.2% of the public watching television (but only 3% of FRDA-50, proof that the series attracted a rather old audience). This is much less than for last week’s survey (4.1 million viewers, 19.9% ​​of PDA).

M 6 is third, with a score worthy of a TNT channel, thanks to an unprecedented number of“Scams! “. Julien Courbet’s magazine brought together 1.32 million curious people, or 7% of the overall public (12% of FRDA-50). France 3 is at the foot of the podium, with only 1.08 million nostalgic in front of the documentary “la TV des 70′s”, which returned to the years when Valéry Giscard d’Estaing was President of the Republic (5.9% of market share).

France 5 and Arte are just above the 800,000 viewers mark with respectively Bertrand Blier’s film “Evening Dress” and the TV film “Ötzi, the Iceman”, both at 4.1% of PDA .

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