TV audiences: “Murders in Cantal” well ahead, “Star Academy” still third

The recipe still works. This Saturday, December 2, “Murtres dans le Cantal”, an unprecedented investigation carried out by Joséphine Jobert and Alexandre Varga, held 4.9 million fans in suspense, allowing France 3 to place itself at the top of the evening’s audiences. This represents 25.5% of the public watching television, according to Médiamétrie. The score of fiction is much higher than that of “Murders in Guadeloupe”also new last Saturday (4 million, 20.4% audience share).

France 2 takes second place thanks to a new number in its game “100% Logic”. The entertainment hosted by Cyril Féraud stirred the brains of 3.2 million people (17.5% PDA). The show is stable compared to last week (3.2 million, 17.4% PDA).

TF 1 completes the podium with the fifth prime time of the 2023 edition of “Star Academy”. The first part of the show captivated 3.1 million fans (16.1% PDA) and the second, at the end of which Victorian was eliminated, 2.7 million (20.6% PDA). The telehook has thus gained a few viewers since November 25 (3.1 and 2.6 million, for 15.5 and 19.9% ​​PDA).

M 6 still in agony with “9-1-1 Lone Star”

France 5 manages to remain in fourth position, like last Friday, thanks to its “Échappées belles. » The gourmet getaway to Greece made 890,000 people salivate, or 4.6% of the public. A score, however, well down compared to the previous Saturday (1.4 million, 7.3% PDA).

Behind, M 6 is still in agony with the episodes of “9-1-1 Lone Star”. The American series brought together only 870,000 fans watching the first part of the evening (4.4%) and 779,000 watching the second (4.2% PDA), an average of 824,000 (4.3% of PDA). Fiction thus continues its decline, since there were still 860,000 on average watching the first two episodes of last week (4.4% PDA).

As for the other channels, Arte is taking over thanks to the documentary “Vasa, the ghost galleon”, the first part of which attracted 630,000 curious people (3.2% PDA).

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