TV audiences: rugby leader on TF 1 ahead of fiction on France 3

The Rugby World Cup is a success even without France. Saturday evening, TF 1 took the lead in the audiences with the shock of group D, England – Argentina. Marked by the victory of the XV de la Rose, the meeting brought together 5.2 million supporters, or 29.7% of the entire public. On the commercial target of women responsible for purchasing aged under fifty (FRDA-50), the market share rises to 32.1%, allowing the front page to be the leader.

France 3 follows with “The Secrets of the Liner”, a new TV film led by Arthur Dupont and Léonie Simaga. This survey intrigued 3.1 million curious people, representing an audience share of 17.2%. Last week, the fiction “Murders in Chantilly” appealed 4.5 million fans (26.3%). France 2 is third with the big return of the “Champions Quiz”, the game presented by Cyril Féraud. The clash between the winners of the TV games was followed by 2.5 million viewers, for an audience share of 15.2%.

“Great escapes” at the foot of the podium

The evening is definitely good for public service since France 5 is at the foot of the podium with its escape magazine “Échappées belles”. Sophie Jovillard’s getaway to Thailand transported 856,000 globetrotters (4.7%). Last Saturday, Jérôme Pitorin introduced the Ardèche to 919,000 hikers (5.4%).

Struggling, M 6 is behind with the launch of “The Thing About Pam”, an American series hosted by Renée Zellweger. The two new episodes of the evening brought together 667,000 fans, for a PDA of only 3.8%. On the commercial target of Women responsible for purchasing aged under fifty (FRDA-50), the market share stands at 7.7%.

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