TV audiences: success for Muriel Robin on TF 1

A fanfare start for “ Master Crimes “. Thursday evening, TF 1 offered the first evening of its new mini-series, carried by Muriel Robin in the role of a psycho-criminology professor. The fiction attracted 5 million curious people, or 26.3% of the entire public, a very good score. The icing on the cake for the front page is that the market share of the commercial target for women purchasing managers aged under 50 (FRDA-50) is also at a very high level, at 27.5%.

A slightly less flamboyant launch at 11 p.m. for Camille Combal. The host offered a new version of his entertainment “Camille & images”, accompanied by a brand new band. The format, to be broadcast every Thursday, won over 985,000 viewers this Thursday evening, for an audience share of 13.9% and a solid FRDA-50 market share of 21.7%.

The Europa League scores points on W 9

As for the rest of the early evening programs, M 6 comes far behind Muriel Robin on TF 1 with a new episode of “Nightmare in the kitchen”. Philippe Etchebest’s program brought together 1.9 million followers, or 9.7% of the public (19.5% on the FRDA-50).

France 3 is on the podium thanks to the rebroadcast of the TV film “Coups de sang” with Michèle Bernier and her 1.7 million fans (8.3%). Its big sister, France 2, is struggling with “l’Évènement”, its political show presented by Caroline Roux. 1.5 million citizens (7.3%) followed the first part of the debate live on immigration. The rest of the show only kept 953,000 viewers (5.4%) watching. In the rest of the prime time offering, the AEK Athens-Olympique de Marseille match (0-2), in the Europa League, allowed W 9 to be a hit with 1.5 million supporters (7.9%) at appointment.

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