TV audiences: the fiction of France 3 terrace “The Voice” on TF 1

TV audiences: the fiction of France 3 terrace “The Voice” on TF 1

The fiction of France 3 once again leader. Saturday evening, the public channel imposes itself at the top of the hearings with the unreleased telefilm “The Secret of the Cave”. Carried by Élodie Varlet and Samy Gharbi, this detective fiction intrigued 4.5 million curious people, or 22.4% of the entire public.

TF 1 is only second with “The Voice: the most beautiful voice”, his musical entertainment presented by Nikos Aliagas. The third episode of the blind auditions only wowed 3.9 million fans, for an audience share (PDA) of 19.1%. On the commercial target of women purchasing managers under 50 (FRDA-50), the market share reached 26.9%. Last week, “The Voice” had gathered 4.2 million fans (20.9% of PDA).

France 5 and its breakaway in Polynesia at the foot of the podium

France 2 is third with a new issue of “100% logic: the answer is before your eyes”, its game presented by Cyril Feraud. This made 3.5 million players think, or 18.6% of the entire public. The issue achieved an excellent score on the commercial target with a 21.5% market share on the FRDA-50. Saturday March 4, “100% logic” had attracted 2.8 million viewers (15%) on La Deux.

Behind, we find France 5, at the foot of the podium. Presented by Tiga, “Echappées belles” introduced Polynesia to 954,000 globetrotters (4.7%). On March 4, the travel magazine of the Five had embarked 966,000 curious people (4.8%). Struggling, M 6 follows with its American series “NCIS: Hawaii”, the first two episodes of which attracted only 916,000 fans (4.6%). The FRDA-50 market share is only 7%, a very low level for the commercial chain.

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