TV audiences: the “Master Crimes” series with Muriel Robin still powerful, “Cash investigation” in good shape

After a great start last weekTF1 offered the sequel on Thursday “ Master Crimes », his new mini-series, carried by Muriel Robin in the role of a professor of psycho-criminology and her companion in the city Anne Le Nen. The series is holding up very well in the second week since an average of 4.51 million people watched the two evening episodes, according to Médiamétrie. The market share amounts to 25.5% for the entire public aged four and over. Among women responsible for purchases under the age of fifty (the famous FRDA-50), the audience share is 26.3%, which is essential for its advertising revenue, since it is the target that is primarily sought by advertisers. Last week, there were 5 million curious people (26.3%), which once again proves the extreme popularity of Muriel Robin.

Note that immediately the second issue of “Camille & images”, the new weekly show from Camille Combal and her gang, attracted 823,000 people from 11:15 p.m., or 14.1% of the overall public and 20.9% of FRDA-50. Again, a small drop compared to the launch the previous Thursday, but the program remains at a very satisfactory level.

With “Cash investigation”, the ultra-rich take the money

France 2 is in second position with a new issue of “Cash investigation” on the “wonderful world of the ultra-rich”. Élise Lucet’s survey interested 2.17 million French people, or 12% of the public. France 3 is just behind with the rebroadcast of “Les ombres de Lisieux”, a TV film led by Marie-Anne Chazel which intrigued 1.79 million curious people, or 9.4% of the public. On the FRDA-50, the PDA is extremely low (0.8%): fiction only interested a very elderly audience.

Disappointment for M 6, at the foot of the podium, with the first broadcast of “355”. This American film directed by Simon Kinberg with the unique duo Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz only aroused the curiosity of 1.2 million moviegoers, or 6.9% of the public (7.9% of the FRDA-50). The channel is ahead of C8, leader of the other channels, which offered a new issue of “Only the truth that counts”, relaunched in October by Pascal Bataille and Laurent Fontaine. On the cinema side, the “Taxi 2” evening by TMC (4.1%) is ahead of the continuation of the “Star Wars” saga offered by TFX (3.7%).

Big disappointment for W9 which only attracted 360,000 people (1.8%) and which is ahead of its little sister 6ter, with “Un, Dos, Tres: new generation”, the return of the Spanish series from the 2000s with Mónica Cruzsister of… Penelope Cruz, for whom it was not the best evening.

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