TV audiences: the return of “HPI” with Audrey Fleurot crushes everything in its path

“HPI” lived up to its reputation as a television blockbuster. Thursday evening, TF 1 proposed the launch of season 3 of its series embodied by Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou. The return of the adventures of Morgane Alvaro captivated an average of 8.4 million viewers for the only new episode of the evening, ie an audience share (PDA) of no less than 39.5%, an excellent score! On the commercial target of Women in charge of purchasing aged under 50 (FRDA-50), the market share is even more impressive and reaches 47.2%!

If we take into account the replay episode offered next, the front page gathered Thursday evening 6.7 million fans, or 36.1% of the public (and 42.7% of the FRDA-50). On Thursday, May 12, 2022, the launch of season 2 of “HPI” had excited on average 8.54 million curious peoplefor 42.8% of the public and 48.9% of the FRDA-50.

Faced with the steamroller of TF 1, the competition looks gray, especially since it had often deserted the battlefield by offering reruns. Second, France 3 had bet on a repeat by offering the TV movie once again “Tahiti Murders” with Jean-Michel Tinivelli and Vaimalama Chaves, Miss France 2019. A choice rewarded by 2.0 million fans, or 9.8% of the public.

Europa League succeeds at W 9

M 6 follows with a rebroadcast of “Cauchemar en cuisine”, its culinary magazine carried by Philippe Etchebest. The chef attracted 1.5 million followers, for a PDA of 7.8% of the general public. The market share on the FRDA-50 commercial target reached 14.5%. Last Thursday, 2.1 million viewers (11.8% of the public and 22.1% of the FRDA-50) had followed the new number of “Nightmare in the kitchen” offered by the private channel.

France 2 is at the foot of the podium with “Special Envoy”, its news magazine presented by Élise Lucet. The evening, devoted in particular to the “fed up with burglaries”, interested 1.5 million citizens, or 7.2% of the public. A week ago, they were 1.8 million viewers (9.9%) to follow the show.

As for the other channels, W 9 is doing well thanks to the semi-final first leg of the Europa League, opposing Juventus Turin at Sevilla FC. The meeting thrilled 822,000 supporters and 4.0% of the public.

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