TV program for Friday, November 17: “Une Bonne Soirée”, “les Enchantés”… Our selection

“A Good Evening”, at 9:10 p.m. on Canal +. Come on, let’s get wet: of the dozens and dozens of comedy shows seen over the last five years, this is the one that amazed us the most. Because of originality, the one-man show of Kyan Khojandi, co-written with his accomplice Navo – who provides a very tasty first part in the form of a clever prologue – is not lacking. Or how to transform the story of a funny evening oscillating between verbena and unexpected flirtations into a delightful exercise in style multiplying digressions, flashbacks and ellipses. A gem of a screenplay in which the comedian deploys quite fascinating cinematographic writing. His description of a trip to the Banana Café, a gay bar, is literally immersive with the sound of the b that intensifies as you descend the stairs and the slow motion that highlights key moments.

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