TV program for Tuesday July 18: “Everyone loves Jeanne”, “Le Squat”… Our selection

“Everyone loves Jeanne”, at 9 p.m., on Canal +. The story begins as a farce. Director of an environmental research institute, Jeanne Mayer (Blanche Gardin) invented structures to remove plastic from the seabed. After being extolled, her revolutionary project turns into a fiasco: her structures sink, and a video in which Jeanne dives fully clothed into the sea to try to recover them goes viral on the Internet. Ruined, she tries to cope. But her inner voice, illustrated by an adorable little ghost with arms, keeps taunting her, explaining that she “missed her life”. As if a misfortune could never happen alone, when she leaves for Lisbon to sell the apartment that her mother bequeathed to her before jumping off a bridge, Jeanne meets Jean (Laurent Lafitte), a former high school friend, kleptomaniac, clumsy and invasive…

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