TVP loses in court in the electoral procedure

TVP lost the electoral process against the Nonpartisan Local Government ociation. The group sued public television for omitting them from political materials and polls. They accused TVP of deliberately misleading voters. The court agreed with their objections, reports Interia.

TVP is to publish a correction and apology in the main edition of “Wiadomości”.

“+I confirm that we won the lawsuit with TVP. Public television has no right to manipulate data. Non-party local government officials are running in the parliamentary elections, they are gaining popularity and this should be shown by reliable media. We hope that from now on, TVP will honestly describe reality+ – emphasized Krzysztof Maj from Nonpartisan Local Government, quoted by Interia. He added that the court took into account all their objections.

Interia reported on Tuesday morning that the Nonpartisan Local Government ociation intends to sue TVP in the electoral procedure. “Niepartisan activists confirmed this at a press conference in front of the TVN headquarters at ul. Wiertnicza in Warsaw. They also did not rule out a lawsuit against TVN, accusing the station of deliberately omitting them from the organized election debate,” the portal emphasizes.

Interia points out that the main accusation of the Bezpartyjni against TVP concerned the Estimator survey for, in which the Bezpartyjni had 3.1 percent. support, and TVP, informing about this survey in its materials, omitted information about the result of the Non-partisan Local Government Workers.

The justification for the judgment of the District Court in Legnica, obtained by Interia, shows that TVP is prohibited from disseminating incomplete information about the survey. “The court also ordered Telewizja Polska to correct incomplete information about the results of this survey in the main edition of “Wiadomości” at 7:30 p.m. on TVP1 and TVP Info, and additionally in the “Serwis Info Dzień” program on TVP Info. The correction is to include the completed survey results,” the portal notes.

According to Interia, “the court also stated that TVP should apologize to Bezpartisans in the main edition of “Wiadomości” at 7:30 p.m. and in the “Serwis Info Dzień” program on TVP Info.” “The apology is to be the first material, broadcast no later than the day after the judgment becomes final, in “Wiadomości” and “Serwis Info Dzień”. As we read, the apology should be published “in the form of a visually prominent announcement” and read by a lector and precede the publication of material correcting the “incomplete information” – we read.

According to the portal, what is also interesting is the court’s statement, which officially prohibits TVP from “disseminating in the future, in any form, incomplete information about the results of polls for political parties conducted by any entities for TVP or third parties, which do not contain data on support for the election committee of the Non-Party Local Government Workers.”

“In its justification, the court admitted that the omission of the survey results of one of the committees +is important, taking into account the function of polls in the election campaign+,” Interia points out.

“+This is not only an information function, but also an important element of electioneering, because favorable conditions of polls are intended to persuade and encourage people to vote for a given political party. This is particularly important in relation to electoral committees that fight to achieve a specific electoral threshold and support from the largest possible number of citizens+,” we read on the website. (PAP)

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