Twitter is BOOMING! Don’t Believe the Sceptics!

Twitter Traffic October

Since Elon Musk took over at Twitter, many people predicted a failure. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Twitter is BOOMING!

Many sceptics believed that Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter would result in failure of the social network. Unfortunately for them, Twitter is fast becoming the number one most visited website in the world. In October, Twitter traffic increased by 8%, putting it in 4th place, one place behind Facebook as the most visited website in the world. In October, Twitter had just over 8 billion visitors.

Twitter Traffic October
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Twitter has become faster, more enjoyable and less abusive since October, with many previous suspended accounts, reinstated.

Musk seems to know what he’s doing. Cutting the over-bloated staffing level down by 75% and increasing Twitters pageload speed, lowering the bounce rate in the process. Turning Twitter into a more profitable business and enhancing it’s features can only mean growth and success. Over the previous three months, you can see that Twitter is growing, we look forward to Novembers stats which should show a further increase in traffic.

Small changes make a massive difference:

A no rate limit, chewing up server resources for no reason other than incompetence from previous employees, probably too busy monitoring Tweets that go against their own opinions. A website has thousands of various scripts running simultaneously to deliver the front end that we see on the web. Optimization of the scripting is vital to improve loading speed, uptime and create a user friendly environment. Twitter has cut its task force by 75% but has improved the backend tenfold.

Not only is a fast loading website important but the content has to be acceptable by the majority, nobody likes hate speech.

With a change in algorithms, Twitter has lowered viewable hate speech across the network. This makes the network more attractive to those who are offended easily and these days, there is a lot of easily offended people in the world! This is likely to bring in new users and we predict many will jump across from Facebook and make Twitter their new home. A trend occurs when many leave one place for another, people follow and a snowball effect comes into place. One user may bring in a couple of followers, each one will bring in their own and so on.

So for the doubters and sceptics, Twitter is on the rise, it’s faster, more fun, safer, less abusive and freedom of speech is back, the bird has been set free!