two police officers sent back to the Bobigny court for acts of violence

Two police officers from the violent motorcycling action repression brigade (BRAV-M) are referred to the criminal court for violence and threats against a Chadian student during a demonstration in March in Paris, learned , Tuesday, September 5, Agence France-Presse (AFP) of the Bobigny prosecutor’s office.

The two peacekeepers will be tried on March 7, 2024 for acts of violence by a person holding public authority and repeated threats of violence. “excluding any other offense or aggravating circumstance” on the Chadian student Souleyman Adoum Souleyman, said the prosecution.

On the night of March 20 to 21, members of BRAV-M arrested seven young demonstrators suspected of having taken part in degradations in a wild procession in the center of Paris. One of the arrested had then discreetly recorded the exchanges with the police, where we heard the latter uttering threats and humiliating remarks.

Complaint dismissed

The Chadian student was particularly targeted by officials in the registration. With another demonstrator, he then filed a complaint on March 24 against the staff of BRAV-M. Their complaints aimed at the prefect of police and the prosecutor of Paris, the legal procedure had been disoriented in Seine-Saint-Denis. The protester’s complaint “was closed without further action, the investigation having not provided proof of the facts alleged by the complainant”said the Bobigny prosecution.

Contacted by AFP, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Arié Alimi, regretted that the prosecution did not retain the counts of ault and racial insults against Souleyman Adoum Souleyman. “We are going to prosecute all the BRAV-M police officers who participated in the arrest and all the BRAV-M police officers who were present on the grounds of violence in the meeting”through the direct citation mechanism which allows a victim to go directly to court, he said.

In June, three BRAV-M police officers were referred to the disciplinary council and four others received a warning for the same facts.

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