two sisters embarked on an erratic road movie

two sisters embarked on an erratic road movie

Lola (Alysson Paradis) and Margaux (Elodie Bouchez) in “Amore Mio”, by Guillaume Gouix.


Familiar face of French television and cinema (Ghosts, Elementary Particles, The things we say, the things we do), actor Guillaume Gouix signs with Amore Mio her first feature film: Lola (Alysson Paradis) suddenly loses her husband in a motorcycle accident. On the day of the funeral, she embarks with Gaspard, her 8-year-old son, in the car of her sister Margaux (Elodie Bouchez) whom she orders to turn off – the ceremony will take place without them. An erratic road movie follows in which the trio, without a pre-established plan, improvises a vacation that will offer the two sisters the opportunity to rediscover their lost bond.

Formally, Amore Mio adopts a flat naturalism where scenes of shouting matches and giggles are linked in a binary mode. Moreover, the will to film differently and without pathos the work of mourning and “the life which returns”, proves to be a counterpoint which unfortunately does not have much original anymore. In fact off the road, Love me finally takes an already busy highway – and the vibrant presence of the all-too-rare Elodie Bouchez won’t be able to do much about it.

French film by Guillaume Gouix. With Alysson Paradis, Elodie Bouchez, Viggo Ferreira-Redier (1 h 20).

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