Two-time Booker Prize-winning British novelist Hilary Mantel dies at 70

British writer Hilary Mantel, in London, March 4, 2020.

British novelist Hilary Mantel, the first writer to win the prestigious Booker Prize twice, has died at the age of 70, her publisher HarperCollins announced on Friday September 23 in a communicated.

Since the publication of his first book in 1985, It's Mother's Day everydaythe writer had published seventeen books, but is best known for her trilogy The counselordevoted to the tumultuous life of Thomas Cromwell, one of the principal actors of the Reformation in England.

The first two parts of the series translated into 41 languages, In the shadow of the Tudors and The powerhave won him twice the prestigious Booker Prize. The last part, The Mirror and the Lightpublished in 2020, had also been critically acclaimed, and caused queues in front of bookstores on the day of its release.

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“We have lost a genius”

Born July 6, 1952 in Glossop, near Manchester, Derbyshire to a family of Irish descent, Hilary Mantel (née Thompson) grew up with the disadvantage of being “woman, from the North and poor”she said in her memoirs Giving Up the Ghostpublished in 2003.

She also imagined her life with a daughter she never had, who had become infertile after an operation for endometriosis, a then little-known disease from which she suffered for a long time. Baptized Catriona, he is undoubtedly the most heartbreaking ghost of the many ghosts that dot his work.

After studying law at the London School of Economics, then at the University of Sheffield, she followed her geologist fiancé – who would later become her husband – living in Botswana for five years, then four years in Saudi Arabia, before return to Britain in the mid-1980s.

“Hilary was the best of her generation, of her time, an important, courageous novelist, with immense empathy for her subjects. (…) His company, his wisdom, his humor will be missed by all of us, and we will cherish his incredible literary legacy."said Charlie Redmayne, CEO of HarperCollins in the United Kingdom, paying tribute to him in a press release.

Each of his books was “an unforgettable plot of luminous phrases, unforgettable characters and remarkable vision”greeted her former editor, Nicholas Pearson, saying that the writer was still working on a new novel last month.

“We have lost a genius”reacted to Twitter the author of the saga Harry Potter, JK Rowling. "Everyone at the Booker Prize is deeply sad" of the death of Hilary Mantel, displays the account Twitter of Britain's most famous literary prize.

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1952 Hilary Mantel was born in Glossop, near Manchester.

1985 It's Mother's Day everyday (Payot, 2002), his first published novel.

2009 She won the Booker Prize for In the shadow of the Tudors (Sonatine, 2013), an award she won a second time in 2012 with The power (Sonatine, 2014), continuation of this trilogy dedicated to Thomas Cromwell.

2022 Hilary Mantel died on Thursday September 22 at the age of 70.

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