Ukraine: 40 targets shot down over Kiev during night attack by Russian missiles and drones

More than 40 targets were shot down over Kiev and the Kiev region in a nightly attack by Russian missiles and drones, the Kyiv City Military Administration said on Monday morning. It was the 15th attack on the Ukrainian capital since early May. Probably no one was hurt.

“There were Shahed drones again that night. Simultaneously with the attack of unmanned aerial vehicles from the Caspian Sea region, enemy Tu-95MS aircraft fired maneuvering missiles, most likely Ch-101/155. The attack on the capital was combined and conducted from different directions,” the head of the Kiev administration, Serhiy Popko, announced on Telegram.

“Thanks to the forces and means of our air defense, more than 40 air targets were revealed and destroyed,” he stressed.

Popko reported that shrapnel damaged the roof of a residential building in the Podolsk district, where no one was hurt. There are no reports of casualties elsewhere.

An earlier mive attack took place on the night from Saturday to Sunday, when the Russians hit drones primarily in the capital and the Kiev region.

In Kiev, fragments of drones fell on apartment blocks, industrial warehouses and public facilities, and destroyed cars. One person is dead, two are injured. In Zhytomyr, west of Kiev, 26 residential houses, schools and clinics were hit by shrapnel.

From Kiev Jarosław Junko (PAP)

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