Ukraine announces boycott of competitions in which Russian youth teams will take part

Ukraine’s response was not long in coming and it was firm. The National Football Federation (AUF) announced on Wednesday September 27 that its teams will boycott tournaments in which the Russians will take part. The Union of European Football ociations (UEFA) had decided, the day before, to allow men’s and women’s youth teams – under 17 years of age – to be reinstated immediately in its competitions.

In a press release published on its website, the AUF “strongly condemns” the choice of the continental body, urging it to reconsider it. The Ukrainian organization also calls on other countries to “boycott possible matches involving Russian teams, if they are admitted”.

February 28, 2022, in agreement with the Fédération Internationale de Football ociation (FIFA), its international counterpart, UEFA had decided to exclude the country’s teams from its tournaments, in response to the invasion of Ukraine by Kremlin troops. A year and a half later, she softened her position, believing that “Children should not be punished for actions for which adults are solely responsible”.

Other selections remain excluded

On Tuesday, the European body reiterated its “condemnation of the illegal war led by Russia, and confirms that the suspension of all other Russian teams – clubs and national teams – will remain in force until the end of the conflict in Ukraine”.

The organization has charged its administration with “propose a technical solution” allowing their immediate reintegration, and this “even when the draws [des compétitions] have already taken place ». Their matches will, however, have to be played “without the flag, the anthem and the official uniforms”as well as’“outside Russian territory”.

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