Ukraine: Zelensky thanked the EU Council for suspending tariffs on Ukrainian products for another year

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the EU Council on Thursday for the decision to suspend import duties on Ukrainian agricultural products for another year. – This strengthens all of us in Europe – essed the head of state.

On Thursday, the EU Council, i.e. the member states of the community, adopted a regulation that extends the suspension of customs duties, quotas and protection measures on Ukrainian exports to the EU, including agricultural products, until June 2024.

“This is a new stage of sectoral integration of our economy – Ukraine and the entire European Union. This is what unambiguously strengthens all of us in Europe,” Zelensky said in a video posted on social media in the evening.

“As part of our move towards the EU, such liberalization – for now temporary – must be transformed into a permanent one, and there can be no exceptions or limitations to it,” he stressed.

Zelensky thanked his partners for this decision. “Anyone who wants strength and power for the whole of Europe makes such decisions,” he added.

“We have to be aware that there is also a risk that some restrictions may remain after this. If the pressure of some governments on the EU is maintained. But internal politics should not obscure common European goals,” continued the head of state.

“So I am sure that we will be able to find a solution, including for farmers in Ukraine and some neighboring countries, that will meet our common European interests and standards,” Zelensky said. (PAP)

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