UN calls for Kahovka: The situation may get worse

The United Nations (UN) stated that the teams went to the Kherson region to ess the damage after the Kahovka Dam was hit, adding, “The water level continues to rise, more villages and towns are flooded. The situation may worsen.” warned.


UN calls for Kahovka: The situation may get worse

UN Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric conveyed the current developments on the subject at the daily press conference. Pointing out that people’s access to basic services is difficult and health problems may arise due to the flooding after the dam hit, Dujarric said, “One of our main concerns is access to water. Thousands of people depend on the Kahovka Dam for drinking water and the water level is decreasing very quickly.” said.

Dujarric stated that the UN is working non-stop to deliver emergency aid to the affected people, and that humanitarian organizations are helping the evacuation and resettlement of those in the Kherson region.

Stating that teams from UN organizations and non-governmental organizations are conducting investigations in the field, Dujarric said, “Water levels continue to rise, flooding more villages and towns. The situation could get worse.” said.


White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre answered journalists’ questions at the daily press conference.

Stating that they continue to evaluate the developments regarding the collapse of the Kahovka Dam in Ukraine, Jean-Pierre stated that they are in contact with the Ukrainians.


It was announced yesterday that the Kahovka Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant, controlled by the Russians, was hit by bombs in the Kherson region in the south of Ukraine.

It was announced that the region is facing a major environmental disaster due to flooding. Ukraine and Russia made statements blaming each other for the dam hit. (AA)

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