Unemployment insurance, pensions, end of life… A renewed social dialogue put to the test of the facts

Emmanuel Macron (here Saturday November 19) asks for the opinion of the French, in particular through consultations or advice, in order to advance crucial subjects within the framework of his second five-year term. LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP

DECRYPTION – Emmanuel Macron asks for the opinion of the French on the crucial subjects of his second five-year term, as promised during the presidential campaign.

Criticized for an overly vertical exercise of power and a failure to take into account the opinions of intermediate bodies during his first five-year term, Emmanuel Macron promised last spring, during the presidential campaign, to listen more to what each other would have to say in the event of re-election. Of which act…

Re-elected in April, the Head of State did indeed keep his word. On all crucial, not to say sensitive, subjects, he therefore asks the French for their opinion. And this by using all the means that he has, to do so, at his disposal.

On pensions, at the beginning of October he launched a two-and-a-half-month consultation with the social partners to address all aspects of the reform (employment of seniors, arduous work, special schemes, etc.), keeping the point that annoys us the most – the raising of the retirement age – for the end of the sequence, at the beginning of December.

On the sharing of value, the President of the Republic asked the unions and the…

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