Unemployment insurance, pensions… The standoff between the executive and the social partners is hardening

By Thomas Engrand

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Emmanuel Macron (here, at the Élysée, in September 2022) has always been wary of intermediary bodies, he is credited with the temptation of wanting to “nationalize social protection”. Gregoire Elodie/ABACA

STORY – Without an agreement on the employment of seniors, the government does not want to approve the new unemployment insurance agreement.

It is nothing to say that the period is currently tense between the executive and the social partners. For several weeks, there has been a succession of disagreements, snubs and more or less direct attacks between Emmanuel Macron, Élisabeth Borne or their ministers and representatives of employees and employers. With the highlight, the exit of the President of the Republic in front of SME bosses last Tuesday at the Élysée. Without naming them, he addressed the representative organizations in virulent terms to say the least: “Whoever thinks that time is at rest, for bad compromise, that is to say the one which is made against the energy of the State, of civil society, (…) we do not live in the same world “, he got carried away.

An allusion to the issue of supplementary pensions (Agirc-Arrco), which continues to sour relations between the two camps – the executive always having the desire to draw on the surpluses of the system managed by the social partners (read below)

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