UNFP embarred by players refusing to join anti-phobia campaign

In a press release published Sunday evening, at the end of a weekend where the controversy has continued to swell around the refusal of certain players, in Toulouse and Nantes in particular, to wear the rainbow flocked jersey as part of the anti-phobia campaign led by the League, the UNFP insisted on recalling that it condemned phobia while ” taking note of the refusal of some players not to join this just cause “.

It is not up to the UNFP, when it comes to the private sphere, to dictate the conduct of the players. The French players’ union prefers to see the gl half full and stresses that ” almost all of the professional footballers in our leagues have therefore taken action against phobia “.

And the UNFP to bounce back on another cause that is close to its heart, the ” moral harment in professional football in France “. A way to move on?

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