United Kingdom: King Charles III pays tribute to the dedication of Elizabeth II, a year after her death

One year later the death of the sovereignTHE King Charles III paid tribute this Friday to his mother Elizabeth II, hailing “her long life” and “her devoted services”. On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II died at 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, after 70 years of reign. His death had given rise to vibrant tributes in the United Kingdom, throughout the period of mourning.

However, the first anniversary of his death will not be marked by any major public event. Charles III wrote a short message from Balmoral, where he spent part of the summer. “On the first anniversary of the death of Her late Majesty and of my accession (to the throne), we remember with great affection her long life, her dedicated service and all that she represented. for many of us,” the king wrote.

“She is watching us all tonight”

“I am also deeply grateful, for the love and support that has been shown to my wife and myself during this year, as we do our utmost to be of service to you all.” Charles’s youngest son, Harryat odds with the royal family, also had a word for Elizabeth II, his grandmother, during a speech at a charity gala.

“She is watching all of us tonight, happy that we are together and that we continue to shine a light on such an incredible community,” he said, during this event dedicated to sick children and their families, which takes place in London. The last stay in the British capital of the prince, who resides in California with his wife Meghandated back to June.

In a statement, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak he felt that “with a year’s hindsight, the magnitude of His Majesty’s service seems even greater”. “Our gratitude for a life of duty and dedication only continues to grow,” he added.

“As we continue to mourn (Elizabeth II), we should be proud that her remarkable legacy continues to grow today under the reign of His Majesty the King,” said the Conservative Prime Minister.

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