Universal national service: will Emmanuel Macron’s promise in 2017 be kept?

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Summary. On May 28, 1996, in a television address, the President of the Republic Jacques Chirac announces the end of military service, which has existed for almost 200 years. More than twenty years later, in the middle of the campaign for the 2017 presidential election, candidate Emmanuel Macron makes a promise: establish a compulsory universal national service. Once elected President of the Republic, he instructs the government to work on this project.

In the summer of 2018, the details of this future SNU are revealed. It will last one month, and will be compulsory for young people around 16 years old. A first experiment is planned for 2019 on a voluntary basis before generalization in 2026, but in the years that follow, this new SNU arouses little enthusiasm and encounters several complications.

For Code source, Christelle Brigaudeau, journalist in the story service and Frédéric Gouaillard, education journalist in the society service, tell the difficult implementation of the SNU wanted by Emmanuel Macron.

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