University students have a new housing option in the Capital

With an investment of R$ 60 million, the company Uliving inaugurated last week, in Porto Alegre, the first phase of the project aimed at for housing students from public and private universities. 100 apartments are being made available to students out of a total of 337. The rest, 237, according to Uliving, will be opened in the first half of 2024.

the new venture Uliving Student Housing is located in Bom Fim neighborhood and its proposal is to serve mainly students from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Ufrgs) and Health Sciences University of Porto Alegre (Ufcspa). The president of Uliving, Juliano Antunes, says that the idea of ​​the company, which has housing for students in the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro axis, is to expand the project to other cities, mainly the capitals, in the South and Southeast regions.

“The first capital we chose was Porto Alegre due to the volume of students and the representativeness of the universities”, he emphasizes. According to Antunes, the project in the Bom Fim neighborhood involves three buildings – two were purchased and refurbished on Avenida Osvaldo Aranha and Rua Tomaz Flores. The third was acquired by the company on Rua Antão de Farias, where a residential building for university students will be built. According to Antunes, the responsibility for renovating and constructing the buildings belongs to the company Obra Pronta, which was hired by Uliving.

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