“Unpleasant and unsportsmanlike”, the Stick Twirling Federation is indignant at Giroud’s statements

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Thibault Giroud in training with the XV of France. Thierry Breton / Thierry Breton / Panoramic

THE SPORT SCAN – The president of the FFR apologized to his counterpart after the words of his physical trainer.

Interviewed at the end of August, Thibault Giroud, the head of physical preparation for the Blues, had defended his working methods, after the package of Romain Ntamack (cruciate ligaments of the knee) and the unavailability of Cyril Baille (calf). “You can’t do stick twirling for eight weeks, take the guys out of formaldehyde a week before the Blacks and tell yourself that the guys are going to be good because we put them on the field. It does not exist. If everyone does it, there’s a reason“, he had let go.

Remarks which made the president of the French Sports Federation of Stick Twirling (FFSTB), Sylvie Bonnier, react, who was indignant on the Facebook account of her federation, recalling that the latter had “obtained in 1978 the delegation of power from the Ministry of Sports”. The methods of motivation of the performance director within the French Rugby Federation are surprising, derogatory and unsportsmanlike, she laments. Combining rugby, stick twirling and formaldehyde is incomprehensible as a training value for professional athletes.»

“A colorful statement, certainly awkward, but which was not intended to be infamous”

And the leader to continue:Such remarks which denigrate another sport recognized by the Ministry of Sports, the CNOSF, the ANS emanating from a sports executive are not worthy. (…) So, Mr. Giroud, roll up your sleeves, put on your cleats, tell your guys to excel, train tirelessly as well as our athletes and bring the World Cup home soon. The Twirleurs will encourage you.»

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Accusations that made Florian Grill, the president of the FFR, react, who wrote to the French Federation of stick twirling? The latter published, in stride, the letter from Florian Grill. “Rest ured that the FFR regrets these exchanges, especially since rugby, like all sports related to Olympism, has respect as its fundamental value. All sports activities deserve it. he apologizes, understanding the “reaction legitimate» of the FFSTB.

The president of the FFR that “Thibault Giroud, as part of a long-term preparation and approaching this major event, had a colorful remark, certainly awkward, but which was not intended to be infamous for your sport whose performance is undeniable.»

Florian Grill’s letter Facebook FFSTB

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