Upset by BFM-TV, the National Rally decrees “a moratorium” on its presence on the sets

Deprived of BFM-TV. The headliners of the National Rally (RN) have not been on the sets of the first news channel in France for several days, as revealed in the newsletter of Politico Friday May 26. The instruction was given by Marine Le Pen and the president of the RN, Jordan Bardella. The far-right movement complains of not being treated correctly by the channel, citing two reasons: the lack of regular monitoring by the same journalist since January and the identity of the journalist approached – Sophie Dupont – to cover the party at the start of the next school year, coming from the program “Quotidien”.

Contacted, the general manager of the chain, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, refrained from commenting. This “moratorium” decreed by the Lepenist party comes after the end of the mission of a journalist from BFM-TV, deemed internally too close to RN executives.

Joined by The worldMme Le Pen flew into a cold rage: “We are not doormats. We do not ask for the red carpet but a minimum of respect. Either it is a management problem and Mr. Fogiel must do what is necessary, or it is a contempt for the RN and this is no less debatable. Mr. Bardella has already had conversations with Mr. Fogiel and they will continue. In the meantime, damn it! » The President of the RN deputies confirms the existence “a moratorium until we manage to find a way to respect a political force that represents millions of French people”.

A respect which, according to her, would p through the designation of a journalist who had not come from “Daily”, a program to which Mme Le Pen has a fierce hatred. During the presidential campaign, she refused access to press conferences to reporters of the TMC show, calling them “entertainers” and boasting of ” decide “ who was a journalist or not. Relations are also degraded between the issuance of Yann Barthès and La France insoumise.

BFM puts the “moratorium” into perspective

The vacancy of “rubricard” in charge of the far right at BFM-TV is explained by a change of ignment for the journalist who followed Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign, decided in January. According to sources inside the channel, the journalist’s neutrality was called into question by his proximity to several party employees. Alerted to the situation on several occasions, the head of the political department, Philippe Corbé, would have asked him to change the heading in January, after the emergence on social networks of smiling selfies taken by RN employees in his company.

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