Uruguay ‘unable to decipher how to press’ South Korea, regrets Alonso

Diego Alonso (coach of Uruguay, hung 0-0 by South KoreaThursday at the Education City stadium in Doha for its entry into the World Cup-2022, in a post-match press conference): “The two selections fought well. In the first twenty minutes, the Koreans put us in difficulty, especially in recovering the ball. We weren’t able to decipher how to press them, and we lost precision. But we managed to make some adjustments in the second period, we were more aggressive, and we were more involved in the game. We lacked a little fluidity, a little inspiration in the creation, but the team fought well. We had set up a fairly attacking eleven, with almost three centre-forwards, with three midfielders who can hit. We lacked combinations in the middle of the field to release our wingers more quickly. Overall, I’m happy with what the players produced. Qualification will surely be decided at the end, especially with the result we obtained today. What happens on the second day, and even more so on the third, will be decisive“.

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