USA: At least 12 dead from storms, hundreds of thousands without power

USA: At least 12 dead from storms, hundreds of thousands without power

The storms that swept through the American South left at least 12 dead. Hundreds of thousands of people were without electricity on Sunday.

Kentucky was one of the states hardest hit by the storms over the weekend. Governor Andy Beshear said at least five people were killed there. About 240,000 customers of power plants were left without electricity on Sunday.

The governor explained that wind gusts reached up to 120 km/h in some areas. At least two small tornadoes have been recorded.

According to Beshear, the power outages affected the water supply systems, leading more than 1,800 residents to boil water. He warned that outages due to the storms could last for days.

Due to fallen trees, three people died in Alabama. One died in Mississippi when a tree fell on a car. In Tennessee, the state’s Emergency Management Agency has confirmed two weather-related deaths.

The New York Times reported that officials urged residents to exercise caution. Downed power lines and uprooted trees pose a long-term threat.

“Heavy rains, strong winds and tornadoes damaged homes and businesses in Alabama, Arkansas, Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee and West Virginia,” a New York newspaper reported.

She added, citing scientists, that there is evidence that Americans can expect more unusually severe storms as the planet warms up. Potentially, they can also occur in other places than usual, or appear at unexpected times of the year. More tornadoes are also expected in the future.

From New York Andrzej Dobrowolski (PAP)

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