USA: New Yorkers haven’t waited as long for snow as they do now in half a century

New Yorkers have not seen snow in the city for 326 days. The last time was March 9 last year. They haven’t had to wait that long for snow in 50 years.

Although in many regions of the USA, including even New York, snowstorms turned out to be a cataclysm with many fatalities, there was not only a “white Christmas” in the city. The New Year turned out to be snowless.

Usually, the first rainfall appears in the city around mid-December. Despite several cautious forecasts, however, the snow did not fall until January 29. Most meteorologists do not predict this for the next week either.

For the so-called “measurable precipitation” refers to precipitation that leaves at least 0.25 cm of snow on the ground.

As the New York Post pointed out, New York is not the only city in the northeastern US with a snow deficit. The same was true in Philadelphia and Boston, further north. Recent storms have brought warm air along with rain.

The Weather Channel (WC) pointed out that February is the snowiest month in New York City.

The previous record for a snowless winter season was in New York City on January 29, 1973.

From New York Andrzej Dobrowolski (PAP)

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