USA: “Return of Norwid” on the stage in Seattle

USA: “Return of Norwid” on the stage in Seattle

On Saturday, the Polish Cultural Center in Seattle staged the monogram “Return of Norwid” by Kazimierz Braun performed by Marek Probosz. He presents his performance as a contemporary dialogue between an actor and a pianist, in which Norwid pulsates with emotions and provokes every thought.

“The monodrama +Norwid’s Return+ is a minimalist contemporary dialogue between an actor and a pianist, a rich tapestry of words and music, in which Norwid pulsates with emotions and provokes every thought,” said the Los Angeles-based artist.

As Probosz emphasized in an interview with PAP, his goal was to restore Norwid today.

“The reality of today is just as tangled as the reality of 200 years ago. His words sound as modern as if they were spoken yesterday. Norwid is a visionary of the future,” emphasized the performer of the role of the poet and the director of the performance.

He referred to Czesław Miłosz, who defined Norwid’s writing as great literature, in which everything that is still most important for us was said, and what he said in the 19th century remains valid in the 21st century.

“I wanted to bring back Norwid today. I come on stage as a homeless person with a big sack on my back that weighs me down. I can’t bear it. I take from the sack the treasures and curses of life, joys, lost loves and rejection by society. Because most geniuses, like Norwid, were rejected and misunderstood by their contemporaries,” Probosz explained his concept.

He pointed out that the Polish poet “survived only through paper, which he wrote in madness as an artist’s diary”.

As the Polish-American actor, director, screenwriter, author and producer added, his stage is two rolls of stretched paper. They represent the spiritual reality of the poet. The piano, live music and sound added to the performance illustrate, he judged, what is boiling inside the protagonist.

“In this space of tension, rebellion and passionate intellectual polemics, the paper stage is gradually torn, destroyed, and finally torn to shreds” – stressed Probosz. He pointed out that this instrument also disappears at the end of the performance, recalling the symbolism known from Norwid’s poem “Chopin’s Piano”.

“The dialogue between the actor and the pianist (Łukasz Yoder) is a dynamic clash of words and sounds, a network of internal contemplation and resonance (…) delights with its radical truth and raw genius of a poet ahead of his time. Combining and separating the stage art and the musical spectacle, it illuminates Norwid’s darkness and the complexity of his mind,’ explained Probosz in the program of the performance.

A week earlier, “Norwid’s Return” was presented on the stage of the prestigious Odyssey Theater in Los Angeles.

Probosz appeared in over 60 films. He played in Polish, Czech, German, French, Italian and American cinema and television productions. There is, among others laureate of the Helena Modjeska in Los Angeles and them. Poli Negri, POLITKA, in Lipno, where – he participated in the unveiling of his plaque in the Avenue of Stars.

From New York Andrzej Dobrowolski (PAP)


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