USA: Salaries at the largest technology companies from $29 per hour to $718,000 per year

The largest American technology companies pay software specialists from $29 an hour at TikTok to $718,000 a year at Google, according to data compiled by Insider.

American companies are required to disclose annual salary information if they employ foreign workers.

According to the data included in the visa applications, a software engineer at Alphabet (Google’s parent company) was offered a salary of $325,000 per year.

According to other salary data leaked in July, a software engineer at Google received a base salary of $718,000, and annual bonuses for software engineers are $605,000, which means that an employee holding such a position can earn around $1.3 million.

At Amazon in 2022, top software development engineers can earn almost $300,000 a year, and senior software development managers can earn up to $340,000.

Based on work visa applications, it can be concluded that the highest-paid non-US person at Apple in the second quarter of 2022 was a senior manager who was offered $415,000.

At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, non-management software employees earn between $160,000 and $232,259. IBM’s highest-paid employees can earn as much as $335,000. At Dell it is almost $200,000 and at Intel – $263,952.

Software engineers and engineering managers at Meta (formerly Facebook) can count on an annual salary of $290,000. Product managers earn $280,000.

Among active foreign employees at Microsoft in 2022, the highest salary identified by Insider belonged to a planning and analytics manager (business planner) at $310,000.

Software development engineers at Tesla can earn over $175,000 in base salary. In Elon Musk’s other company, website X (formerly Twitter), in 2022 engineers could earn over $300,000.

In turn, ByteDance and its subsidiary TikTok paid in the United States from $29 an hour for regular workers to $438,000 a year for engineering managers.

At Uber, experienced engineers can earn $345,000, while data analysts and senior product managers can earn over $170,000. (PAP)


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