USA: The mayor of New York warns that the cost of a large influx of immigrants is ruining the city

The constant influx of immigrants to New York and the ociated spending could ruin a city that has a $12 billion deficit. New York City Mayor Eric Adams warned.

“We have a deficit of $12 billion that we will have to reduce. This will affect every service in this city,” Adams said.

He pointed out that the costs of accommodating and servicing new arrivals are very high. The city received about $140 million. from federal funds, and spent about $1.5 billion in the last fiscal year.

“This problem will destroy New York. It will affect each of us. I talked about this last year when we had 15,000. immigrants, and I say now that we have 110,000.” he noted.

The mayor, who is a Democrat, was praised by Republicans. Especially for statements in line with the position of their party, which umes limiting immigration.

“Thanks to Mayor Adams for telling the truth about the scale of the migrant crisis in New York City,” New York Congressman Nick LaLota wrote on Platform X (formerly Twitter).

The Republican Speaker of the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy also referred to the issue. “The situation has gotten so bad that even the leaders of Democratic strongholds like New York and Machusetts are giving up. They can’t handle the strain that the mive influx of people has placed on their city and state,” McCarthy noted.

Politico points out that Republicans have already made the issue of immigration in New York a campaign topic for the 2024 House of Representatives election.

From New York Andrzej Dobrowolski (PAP)


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