USPGA 2023: Experience Victor Perez’s training on video

Very diligent, the French number one leaves nothing to chance. ” When you’re about to face a course like Oak Hill, you have to be sure you have the right direction on iron shots and drives. The depths will be quite random as you never know exactly how far the ball will bounce. As long as we play in the right direction, we can avoid mistakes. »

It is not the day before the exam that we revise”

This week Victor Perez is accompanied by his entire team, including his coach Pete Cowen. But there is no question of talking about technique, the English coach is above all there to give his colt confidence. “ It is not the day before the exam that we revise, continues Perez. The work has been done beforehand. Pete is just there to check that everything is in place. In any case, all sectors of the game are never 100% clear, you have to do with the game you have. But it’s good for checking the basics, alignment, direction, etc. »

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