Uultis furniture at BBB 23

For the second consecutive year, Uultis, a Rio Grande do Sul high-end furniture brand from Grupo Herval, from Dois Irmãos (RS), is present on Big Brother Brasil, a reality show produced by Rede Globo that recently premiered. The presence takes place through a partnership with the LZ Studio store, in Rio de Janeiro, which resells the brand’s products. One of the main pieces of furniture present at BBB 23 is the Upholstery Model, which is located in the main room and is the meeting point for participants to talk to the presenter live on the program, in addition to being the stage for various group dynamics. In addition, other Uultis products integrate different environments in the home.

beer events

Beer events are essential for food and beverage business managers to network, observe trends and learn about new technologies in the sector. Therefore, myTapp, a beertech from Santa Catarina that is a pioneer in beer service automation solutions in Brazil, has listed the 23 main beer festivals and fairs in the country, throughout the year, for companies to program themselves.

The light bill drops

With just two months of the implementation of the solar energy system in the City Council of Gramado – between December 2022 and January 2023 – the expenditure on electricity has already decreased by more than R$ 9 thousand over the same period in previous years. The electricity bill for December 2021, which was BRL 5,412.05, dropped to just BRL 146 in December 2022. In January 2022, the City Council paid BRL 3,969.18 for electricity consumption and in the same month of this year began to pay R$ 108.08.

electronics collection

In 2022, Trensurb, in partnership with the Cooperativa de Trabalho Socioambiental Paulo Freire, collected 565.7 kilos of electronic waste. From June to December, a collection point was available for subway users at Farrapos Station. For one week a month, from March to December, Trensurb’s headquarters also received a collection point to serve subway workers.

The Tourism Museum

It is planned to open in March of this year in Gramado a room of the Museum of Tourism to be installed next to the Tourist Information Center, on Av. Borges de Medeiros. The collection that will be exhibited is the property and responsibility of the City Hall, a partnership between the Departments of Tourism and Culture, and selected by the museologist Márcio Carvalho. The Tourism Museum was founded in Spain and is currently made up of 92 rooms spread across 14 countries, each addressing a different theme.

Biological inputs

The biological inputs market is expected to reach revenues of US$ 18.5 billion by 2026, growth of 74%, compared to an increase of only 3.7% for chemical pesticides, according to research firm Research and Markets. Its market is expected to triple by 2030, under the leadership of biological pest control agents. As a reminder, biological inputs have numerous advantages for the producer, the soil, the environment and the consumer.

The revision of the labor reform

After President Lula’s meeting with the country’s largest trade union centrals last week, the RS Administrators Union manifests its support for the revision of the last labor reform. “Current legislation mainly harms the Brazilian worker. The unions are facilitators of the relationship between collaborator and entrepreneur, we cannot have our essentiality reduced”, argues the president of Sindaergs and vice-president of the Central dos Sindicatos Brasileiros, Jorge Avancini.

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