Vannes wins with difficulty in Colomiers

With three tries on each side, the meeting between Colomiers, who remained on a victory at Agen (21-22), and Vannes, who had beaten Carcassonne the previous day (34-21), was spectacular.

The Bretons quickly took the score with two tries scored by Hulleu (10th) perfectly served by a skipped pass from Lafarge, and Tafili (27th) who concluded a number from Zabalza stopped on the line to lead logically 20-3 at the break despite the expulsion of Pedemonte (25th). Opposite, Colomiers was too undisciplined (yellow cards to Granouillet and Javaux) and too imprecise against a big Vannes defense.

Colomiers attacked the second period by camping in the camp of Vannes who ended up cracking with tries from Perrin (48th) and Fepulea'i (52nd) and joined his opponent on a penalty from Girard on the hour mark. (20-20). But Vannes, though outnumbered, will find the resources to take off with a try from Percillier (74th). Colomiers will manage to register a third try by Saurs (79th), too late to prevent the courageous victory of the Bretons (27-30). A setback for the Columérins (3rd) who had recorded three victories in four days and are overtaken in the standings by Vannes who joined Mont-de-Marsan at the top of the Championship before the other matches on Friday.

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