Vatican, force the entrance to Porta Sant’Anna by car: the Gendarmerie shoots the front tires, 40-year-old arrested

This evening, after 20:00, a car reached the Sant’Anna entrance to the Vatican.

Regardless of the indications provided to him by the Pontifical Swiss Guard, which prevented him from entering the State without the relative authorizations, he temporarily left the Entrance and, after having maneuvered, returned at high speed, forcing the two control gates, of the Swiss Guard and of the Gendarmerie of the Vatican City State.

In an attempt to stop the car, the Gendarmerie inspector, guarding the gate, fired a pistol shot in the direction of the front tires of the vehicle. Despite having hit the vehicle on the left front fender, the car continued its run.

The alarm code having been quickly broadcast by radio, the guardhouse closed the Door of the Mint, which allows access to the rear of St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican gardens and Piazza Santa Marta.

In the meantime, the car reached the San Damaso courtyard, and the driver got out independently and was blocked and placed under arrest by the Gendarmerie Corps.

The man, aged about 40, was immediately subjected to a visit by the doctors of the Directorate of Health and Hygiene of the Vatican City State, who found a serious state of psychophysical alteration.

Currently the person is in a prison cell in the new premises of the Gendarmerie barracks, at the disposal of the judicial authorities.

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