“Vazhnye istorii” told about the continuation of supplies of Western electronics to Russia in order to circumvent sanctions

Rostec’s subsidiary Radioelectronic Technologies buys microelectronics from China, the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Turkey through a chain of intermediaries for the production of weapons used in the war in Ukraine. The “Important Histories” edition writes about this in its investigation.

Through intermediaries, Rostec purchases the products of American companies Analog Devices, Xilinx, Texas Instruments, Microchip Technology, Bourns, Swiss ST Microelectronics, Japanese Murata, and German Infineon, which are subject to export control.

This microelectronics is necessary for the production of “Khibina” radio-electronic countermeasures complexes, which protects Russian aircraft from air defense systems, “Vitebsk”, which protects helicopters, “Krasukha”, as well as the SAP-518SM jamming complex. All of them are now actively used by the Russian army in Ukraine.

Journalists talk about the chain of intermediaries through which purchases are made. Electronics enters Russia via Hong Kong and Turkey. The family of the nephews of the former head of intelligence of the Main Directorate of Security of Turkey, Attila Aytek, is involved in Turkish supplies.

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014, regularly tightening sanctions have been imposed against Russian manufacturers of military equipment. However, in the samples of weapons falling into the hands of experts, components of Western production are still found.

From March to October last year, at least 2.6 billion dollars worth of electronics were imported into the country, according to a Reuters investigation. At least 777 million deliveries are accounted for by manufacturers whose parts were found in Russian weapons.

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