‘very pissed off’ at himself, Gane sickened by ‘very painful’ loss to Jones

‘very pissed off’ at himself, Gane sickened by ‘very painful’ loss to Jones

Beaten in a flash by Jon Jones for the UFC heavyweight title, Ciryl Gane did not think “at all to lose like that”. But the Frenchman is already looking forward to “returning to the room”.

The image is already going around the world: Jon Jones, a finger on the mouth with, behind him, Ciryl Gane, taken aback by the defeat he was inflicted in just two minutes. The American, victorious by submission, made short work of the Frenchman in Las Vegas, on the night of Saturday to Sunday for the heavyweight title in UFC. “Hot like this, I’d say… that was me, analyzed Gane in a press conference after the fight. I don’t feel like I was anywhere else. I felt like I was focused, which is why I was surprised and stayed on my ass.»

I thought to myself: “Shit, ok he has a good ground game but how come I got screwed?”Gane continued. 32 years old, who lost for the 2nd time in 13 fights. A defeat why not, but so quickly? “This is absolutely not what I had expected. squealed Ciryl Gane. That’s why I’m so pissed at myself. I never imagined myself losing like that.»

Gane doesn’t think about his next fight

The French nevertheless tried to decipher the moment when everything changed in the cage. “I don’t know what action there was but it got out of hand, he related. He was able to take my side and he immediately brought me to the ground in this way. He knew how to seize an opportunity. He wanted to take my back, I defended my back, fought back and then made mistakes on the guillotine.»

For Gane,it’s a real defeat, (his) first real defeat“. Not like the one against Cameroonian Francis Ngannou, where “I have learned“recalls Gane. In January 2022, Ngannou had retained his title of world heavyweight champion by unanimous decision at the end of the 5 rounds of 5 minutes each. The loss to Jones”is very painfulGane concedes. “This is a real defeat.»

Asked about the future, Ciryl Gane has repeatedly mentioned “the roomwhere he can’t wait to get back to getting lost in the work. The Vendéen says he is not thinking about his next fight but “rather to (train) yourself.“And to conclude:”now it’s in the past and I have to move forward, into the future, and I’m going straight back to the room.»

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