Victor Dekyvère in tears in “C l’hebdo” after the testimony of his sister, victim of incest

The France 5 talk hosted by Aurélie Ce returned to the film Le Consentement with Jean-Paul Rouve, which has become a breeding ground for free speech on social networks.

Released on October 11, The consenta film starring Jean-Paul Rouve in the role of Gabriel Matznefft, has become a real phenomenon on the social network TikTok. More than 26 million views have to date been recorded on the hashtag #Leconsentement. Adolescents film their reactions after seeing the film, others testify to having been victims of child molesters or incest.

“We were all very surprised because we’re not TikTok kids. It was our children who told us, “go see, something is happening”. They took the film. It is a channel, a means of communication for TikTok teenagers. It’s great that it’s on this, on this subject. This film is for them”declares Jean-Paul Rouve this Saturday, November 4 in “C the weekly“.

A public utility film

“We didn’t lie during the promotion, we said the film was tough”. An important bias for the actor, even if it could tarnish the box office scores. “Teenage girls, I think, identify with the character and that’s so much the better. And they come out a little upset, shocked. It’s difficult for them to see this film. But it’s always less difficult to see a film than to experience it”believes Jean-Paul Rouve. “It’s a public utility film”comments Marina Carrère d’Encausse, also present this evening on the France 5 set.

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To support her point, Aurélie Ce broadcast one of her testimonies on the air: “I went to see The consent a few days ago and I was extremely touched, even upset. I am in shock to have seen this film, to see so many atrocities in plain sight”. The young woman then confides that she was a victim of incest during her childhood “more or less in the eyes of everyone”. “Everyone saw it, everyone knew it”she testifies.

She really fought. She dared to talk about it, it’s very courageous. It happens in every family

Victor Dekyvère

Back on set, Aurélie Ce continues her interview and initially lets her guests comment. “This film is useful for that”declares Jean-Paul Rouve. “This young woman we have just heard from, her name is Félicie Dekyvère. We didn’t want to say it at the beginning so as not to interfere with his testimony, to give it all its strength.”then resumes Aurélie Ce before turning to her columnist Victor Dekyvère. “She’s your sister.”adds the journalist.

“I’m super proud of her”declares Victor Dekyvère, in tears on the set of “C l’hebdo”. “She really fought. She dared to talk about it, it’s very courageous. It happens in every family», he added, very moved. Jean-Paul Rouve will confirm that following the filming of this film, some of his very close friends also spoke about what happened to them as children. “They came to tell me. This is the goal of the path, because it’s so hard to say it” affirms the actor who has never been seen so serious.

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